Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the Schedule for Kittoken KYC and ICO?

 There are two ICO schedules that you should be aware of: 

Pre-Sales which will run from July 20th to 31st of July (KYC begins July 10th), and Crowd  Sales which will run from August 1st to August 20th(KYC begins August 1). Please  remember that you must register for KYC in order to participate in the  sales! All dates and times are by  UTC. 

2.What is the difference between pre-sale and Crowd sale?

 The biggest difference between the sales are the bonuses involved in the  coin offerings.For Details of bonuses please visit

3.How Can I participate in KitToken ICO?

 It is simple to get involved! First, you will need to have an  ERC20-based private address or wallet (not from an exchange). Then,  register your KYC (here is a previous post we have written on how you  can do that), and then once your registration has been confirmed, send  Ethereum to the Smart Contract address that you will be given. 

4.What can KitToken be used for?

KitToken is used for 

  1. Reducing the time of transcations across ASEAN borders
  2. Paying Salary for ASEAN country workers
  3. Fund Transfer through KitPay and KitRemit
  4. Utility token to pay for goods and services

5.When can I buy KitTokens?

 You can do your KYC from July 10,2018 and ).Buy your tokens once the pre-sale started on July 20,2018

6.Why a dedicated token?

  •  An internal token which can be used as a dedicated method to access discounted services.
  • Fair initial distribution, and balanced long-term incentives to reward those, who use and contribute to the ecosystem.
  • Help us move from our current traction stage to the fully automated and open payment platform.
  • Fixed supply defined in a cryptographically binding smart contract.

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